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Sues Dj Dj's of course the first time I had this game I was so happy that I had

I'm just gonna start getting more points on this game.

Great game

Awesome game, but I would like it to have more realistic features such as turn signals, horn, hazards and etc. Still an amazing app that we can use but if you COULD, please add some more features. Thanks.

Very fun

I don't think i have played a driving game as good as this but please add motorcycles please

Just needs a few improvements

I love this game! It is way better than the original and totally worth the money. All I think it needs a few minor adjustments. The car prices should be lowered just a bit not a ton just by say 10%. Or maybe you could make it easier to make some money like you make money for driving around like in the original game. I also think that the price of upgrades should not go up with the price of the car. Overall this is a great game and if we had these minor improvements I would give it five stars. Thanks for your time.

This is a awesome game


This is good

I like this game cuz I like the way that you can upgrade body kit and colors I like the work that you did



Driving zone 2

Awesome game cool graphics looks like y’all spent almost a year working on it 5star

Please red this

Make the vehicles cheaper,they r very exaggerated,u won’t have enough stars if u don’t low the price of the cars!!!


I’m playing this game nonstop but the only thing is that the cars are a little to expensive

Game review

This game is truly amazing and so much fun to play. I do like all the options and levels to play from. But that’s not all! There are plenty of cars to choose from! And I can also customize them to your likening! So if you are looking for a great offline game with no adds this is the one just for you!

Excellent game!!!

This game revives the experience of a good costomizacion with an excellent handling and realism of graphics. It would be good to consider adding missions, more costomizacion in the engine and mechanics and especially driving among friends, a detail that many games today dedicated to the cars have lost. In my experience there is nothing better than comparing your vehicle with your friend in details of costomizacion and style and additional prove who leads better in an open world with excellent graphics. To my understanding this opens the imagination to a level where playing it will become tireless. Thank you for your dedication and for entertaining us with an excellent game. I hope at some point they will consider these improvements.

Great game

Great game I love it!!!!!!

Great game

This to me is a great game for an iOS it is also much better than the normal driving zone series for reasons that relate to customization maps cars etc.


It’s just a good game but it takes forever to get money. And the fact that all the maps have the exact same cars all over them.


Like your other games, this one is great. However, two issues: There really needs to be steering sensitivity setting option. This just isn't as smooth the previous Pro games. Also, being a smartphone/tablet game- why is the brake/e-brake so close to the accelerator pedal? This doesn't make sense for a tablet player. Most all other sim games have the brake on the left and the acc on the right- where your thumbs naturally rest when playin. Aside from- every Pro game is worth every $ spent. Keep up the great work! UPDATE: After spending a few days- I've noticed the real driver subtleties that make this one even more fun than at first glance. When a developer takes the insane time to show moonlight and reflection changes on the hood (and body) AND the change of headlight tints while driving at night- that's a true car guy. I'm looking forward to discovering more. I still would like the steering sensitivity option though.

Pretty good game

The game is great add more cars tuning and more maps would make the game even better.

Best driving game ever

If your read this i love the game but i think you should add real engine problems on the road like when u crash maybe stop and get your engine fixed but not the condition of the car. Or maybe add a gas station every once in a while fill up on gas make it more realistic type and also add more super cars wheres the ferarri’s

Needs one small thing!

This game is really good, I would give it five stars but it really needs a steering sensitivity control. I don’t mind the gas/brake setup but the steering kills me. At least make the steering less sensitive the higher the speed is.


Fun, addictive little time waster. Looking forward to getting more into it. Two things for the developer: 1. Fix the txt strings everywhere. 2. Put the brake pedal on the left where it feels natural to brake.

I like the game

The only thing is that is the mirrors can show what’s behind you and that if you added motorcycles and different sound for each car thanks I love this game just maybe add this it would me so awesome and every theme you dogged a car you get more points the better the car is the more points you get


Fix bugs

Fun game, but needs more stuff

There needs to be more cars as well as more locations. However, Driving Zone 2 is still worth 99 cents. I do enjoy playing this game.

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